In the era of digital world, where transparency is a much talked word across all segments and sectors, updates to the Customers of their respective transactions has and will always be appreciated. This becomes an important factor in determining the success of a business and hence, Customer SATISFACTION and LOYALTY are always part of the mission and goal of any business. Not to mention, all this leads to a higher Customer retention, which ultimately converts to an improved top-line.

We, at GrubSky, understand the importance of the overall functions associated with the Industry, the challenges it brings along, and the specific roles responsible for the execution of the respective functions. With the sole endeavour to improve efficiency and value for money for the Customers of our Clients, GrubSky strives in bringing technology at the doorstep of the industry through its user friendly solution which enhances the option to understand and know the Customer better in terms of their preferences and choices.

With a comprehensive solution which seamlessly integrates the Order Management with Kitchen, Delivery and Invoice Management, the solution of GrubSky as a single-stop Cloud based Online Restaurant Management & POS System provides the necessary automation for a better communication between all the stakeholders concerned in the respective Restaurant.

Promoted by Q-Sec Invacomm Private Limited, an Information Technology and Consulting Firm with expertise in development of solutions, GrubSky strives to become a value-partner to its Clienteles’ through a blend of New Ideas, Updated Technology & Constant Innovation.



Menu Configuration

Single point of Menu Creation (including uploading of pictures) and configurable as per the availability at different branches.


Order Management

Different variants of Order (Dine-In, Take Away, Delivery), including Table Reservation managed at one place from multiple sources like Online, Offline etc.


Kitchen Management

Faster two-way communication between the Ordering & Kitchen Staff for update on the orders and readiness from Kitchen.


Delivery Management

Easy capture and tracking of the Delivery, both for the Staff and the Customer, to know the real-time status of Orders.


Invoice Management

Option for the Invoices to be directly sent to the Customer through Email/ SMS, integrated with Payment Gateway for easy payment options.


Loyalty and Reward Programs

Dynamic configurable options to facilitate frequent Customers, and offers for New Customers.


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